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Missionary Work - Kingdom Culture Engagement
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The Barron Alumni Podcast Series is a series dedicated to showcasing the careers and journeys of former alumni, and educators.


Guests include:

Tom Koser - President & General Manager of the Rice Lake Radio Network

Carl Olson - Educator and Motivational Speaker

Chris Kroeze - Critically acclaimed Singer-Songwriter & Producer

John Oman - Data/Analytics Manager for the American Birkebeiner 

Lester Bagley - Minnesota Vikings Executive Vice President of Public Affairs


The comedy group, "Thalgus" kicks off its presence in podcasts with an outstanding first episode. (Written and Produced by Macky Mikunda and Redspektrum). Join us as we discuss the origins of the group, and give a few examples of our content!

Thalgus Podcast - Episode 1 - Thalgus Records
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Interview with Tom Koser - Barron Alumni Podcast Series
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The Kingdom Culture Engagement Podcast Series: Helping people foster a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ by engaging art and entertainment through the lens of the Gospel.

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